CNG/LNG station – Gorzyczki – UNIWAR

CNG station at Gorzyczki (source: UNIWAR)

Silesia Reion got better access to CNG refuelling. The UNIWAR company has opened a natural gas filling station on the A1 motorway at the Gorzyce junction. The facility is accessible from both sides of the hiway and offers up to 3 methane refueling stations. The company plans to open an LNG station for HD trucks. The UNIWAR gas station has all possible facilities for drivers and is open 24/7.

The CNG station in Gorzyczki brings a completely new quality to the Polish CNG market. Thanks to the comprehensive adaptation to service travelers, customers can count on amenities such as toilet and shower, shop, coffee bar, bistro, restaurant (McDonald’s), purchase of vignettes, purchase of ViaToll, exchange office, ATM, overhead gym, CB radio service.

CNG station at Gorzyczki (source: UNIWAR)
OwnerUNIWAR Sp. z o.o.
AdressPowstańców Śląskich 243, 44-340 Łaziska
GPS49.944351 N, 18.430099 E (49°56’39.7″N 18°25’48.4″E)
Opening hoursNON STOP - 24/7
LNG - liquidin design stage
LNG - vapourin design stage
CNG - nozzleNGV-1, 3 pieces
LNG tank sizein design stage
Opening date2018.01
Contact datatel. +48 32 472 35 00, e-mail.

Source: UNIWAR