CNG buses for Tychy will be delivered by Autosan

Tychy bus depot will recieve new CNG powered buses manufactured in Sanok. On July 7, 2019, Autosan signed a contract with PKM Tychy for the supply of 20 natural gas buses. NGV buses will have 12 meters long and will be well equipped – inter alia in an air-condition system and a modern passenger information system.

Autosan Sancity CNG bus in Sanok (source: Autosan)

Buses powered by CNG – Compressed Natural Gas is the standard for PKM Tychy. Unusual for this depot is only the producer of methane powered buses – Autosan. In the natural gas fleet are also present buses of MAN, Mercedes, MMI, Solaris and SOR. New vehicles were selected according to the repeated tender for 20 CNG buses.

Autosan Sancity 12 LF for PKM Tychy is equipped in a Cummins gas engine. Powered only by CNG, the engine generates 320 hp and a torque of 1350 Nm. On a single tank of compressed methane (about 252 Nm3 – 190 kg of gas) the Autosan will travel arround 400 kilometers. The price of a CNG bus for PKM Tychy is 1 007 015 PLN net. The total cost of the 20 CNG buses of the entire tender is PLN 24 772 569 net.

Source: PKM Tychy

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