NGV trucks in Poland – 688 new vehicles in 2020

Natural gas trucks in Poland are becoming more and more popular. In 2020, a record-breaking 688 new methane powered trucks were registered. The market leader is Iveco with 386 LNG trucks. Scania delivered 124 LNG trucks, Volvo – 114 LNG trucks. At the same time, Iveco recently sold 500 LNG trucks in Poland.

The new registrations of LNG trucks in Poland are primarily driven by the exemption from MAUT in Germany. Liquefied natural gas trucks are mainly used on international routes through Germany. Iveco delivered the largest number of liquefied methane trucks here in 2020. The Stralis NP and S-Way NP models were shipped in number of 386 units. Scania is the second on the podium with 124 Scania R410. On third place – Volvo with FH / FM LNG models in the amount of 114 cars. The interest in CNG trucks has also increased. The CNG trucks in number of 64 units powered by compressed natural gas were delivered, mainly Scania for municipal services.

Iveco LNG confirmed its market’s primacy in February 2021 with a jubilee delivery. The 500th LNG truck of the Italian brand in Poland was delivered to the Fine Logistics company (fineLOG). Finekig orderd 4 Iveco S-Way Natural Power 460. Thanks to the growing number of LNG stations in Poland and Europe and the guarantee of exemption from MAUT by the end of 2023, the number of new registrations of LNG tractors should continue to increase. There is also a revival on the CNG market, where new trucks powered by CNG and LNG are delivered to municipal companies and distribution routes.

Source: Iveco, Scania, Volvo