Hydrogen buses in Poland – the first for Konin from Solaris

Hydrogen will power a Solaris bus in Konin. In the beginning of June 2021, we got to know the bidders of the tender for the lease of a hydrogen bus for MZK Konin. The only bid for PLN 2.916 mln (0.648 mln EUR) was made by Solaris with the Urbino 12 Hydrogen bus. The bus will pass 400 kilometers on a single refueling of hydrogen, and the hydrogen consumption is to be no more than 10 kg of hydrogen per 100 kilometers.

The tender for a hydrogen bus in Konin is quite unusual for Polish conditions, as it concerns a 4-year lease of the vehicle. MZK Konin expected a bus that would not be more than 6 months old and had a mileage of 500 km. The only offer envisages the lending of the Solaris Urbino 12 Hydrogen bus. Solaris expects a gross amount of PLN 2.916 million for the 4-year lease. The offer will probably be accepted as it is within the budget of MZK Konin. The carrier indicated that it wants to spend PLN 3.075 million gross for this purpose. The bus is expected to be delivered in 12 months.

The hydrogen bus will be equipped with Ballard fuel cells, and the tanks will hold just over 30 kg of hydrogen. The H70 hydrogen tanks are to have a water capacity of 1400 L. The fuel cell is to have a power of at least 70 kW. The motor or electric motors are to have 150 kW of power and the possibility of energy recovery during braking. The operation of the system will be stabilized by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of at least 29 kWh.

Source: MZK Konin