Scania Interlink CNG drives in Paris

Scania InterLink LD CNG (source: Savac)

The first natural gas coaches in France delivered. In the Paris agglomeration are in operation 18 Scania Interlink CNG gas coaches since September 2017. The vehicles were deployed at Savac and Nedroma to execute students transport and local trips. The companies perform transport orders of the Paris municipality, which preferred to use ecological fuel – compressed natural gas.

Scania Interlink CNG is equipeed in cylinders of 1200 liters water capacity, what allows to store up to 240 m3 (184 kg) of natural gas. The bus is powered by Scania gas engine with a capacity of 9 liters and 320 hp. The transmission is automatic, six-speed ZF gearbox.

Scania InterLink LD CNG (source: Scania)

Scania Interlink CNG coach delivered to Savac and Nedroma can take on board 59 passengers. The implemented vehicle is an LD version with a length of 13 meters. Under the vehicle floor there is 5 m3 of luggage space, which allows to carry luggage for a few days’ trip. The vehicle is equipped with many amenities for travelers, including DVD or access to wi-fi. Ecological dimension was particularly important – thanks to methane propulsion, the vehicle emits only 89 g of CO2 per 1 km and meets the EURO VI emission standard.

Source: Scania Buses, Savac