Clean Transport Zones – road signs announced

Clean Transport Zones in Poland – road signs

NGVs in Poland after obtaining dedicated labeling, recieves now own road signs. The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction published at the end of March 2018 the scheme of the signs indicating the entry / exit from the Clean Transport Zone. This will allow sanctioning of such areas in cities, where access will be limitated to ‘low-emission’ and ’emission-free’ vehicles powered by natural gas or hydrogen.

The new sign will be implemented in the Road Traffic Law under the designation D-54 (entry to the Clean Transport Zone) and D-55 (departure from the Clean Transport Zone). The new provisions will enter into force on the day after the day of the announcement. They will constitute one of the executive elements for the Act of Electromobility. The Ministry’s announcement indicates that appropriate signs for ecological cars will also gain parking spaces, allowing for preferential parking of vehicles on CNG, LNG and hydrogen.