CNG & LNG in Poland without excise duty

Natural gas for vehicles (CNG, LNG) in Poland without excise duty. Since August 14 2019, drivers no longer have to pay excise duty on natural gas. It means a decrease in the net price by 33 grosze per m3 for CNG and 67 grosze per kilogram for LNG.

Excise duty exemption on LNG price is in power since August 14, 2019. Refuelers at stations no longer pay tax of PLN 0.67 net per kilogram of gas. The legislator indicates as an exempt product CN 2711 11 00 – it is both natural gas and biogas (biomethane). For compressed natural gas (code 2711 21 00) the reduction amounted to PLN 0.33 per m3 (0.445 PLN / kg). Currently, the price of CNG gas at the stations of the largest network in Poland (PGNiG) is approximately PLN 3.33 per m3 gross (PLN 2.71 net). Calculated per kilograms, it is approx. PLN 4.49 gross (PLN 3.65 net).

Zero excise duty on CNG and LNG entered into force thanks to another amendment to the Excise Duty Act. A new law in this respect was already adopted in July 2019 (we wrote about it here). The implementation of zero excise duty on CNG and LNG for a year was agreed with the European Commission. The final mechanism of zero excise duty was adopted in July 2019 and signed by the President of Poland on August 13, 2019. A nice touch of the Ministry of Finance was the acceleration of the entry into force of zero excise duty, where the other provisions of the Act enter into force on September 1, 2019.

Source: Ministry of Finance, PGNiG

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